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Registration No. 299-2639-K/28.06.2018




Quality Management System

“ARCA-L.T.D.” Ltd.

10, Geneva St.

1142 Sofia, Bulgaria



is approved and endorsed in accordance with the requirements of


ISO 9001:2015



Concerning the following activities:

Design, realization, delivery, mounting and construction of display cases and accessories for museum expositions, reconstructions, exhibition stands and stages. Spatial design of public areas and commercial units.




Managing Director



Date of initial certification: 08.07.2015

Date of expiry without supervisory audits: 28.06.2019

After first successful supervisory audit AQ Cert will isssue Annexe 1 extending the validity until: 28.06.2020

After second successful supervisory audit AQ Cert will isssue Annexe 2 extending the validity until: 27.06.2021

AQ Cert – Organ for certification Quality Management systems, accreditation of Executive Agency of Bulgarian Accreditation Service, Certificate No. 9 OCC/01.11.2017

19 Banat St., Sofia, Bulgaria   +359 2 8628357

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